söndag 14 november 2010

TARA HILL IN PICS 21 november

Hi All Tara residents and admirers!

Sunday 21 November, so it is planned the Tara Day where we get the chance to show off our Tara Hill for those who have the desire to come in and see our beautiful sim.The idea is that those who have the desire to be able to show her pictures from Tara Hill and the Connemara Hills in an exhibition. - Tara in Pics. Those of you who want to show pictures, contact Selma Edman, you get a screen where your images will be looped throughout the day and put up a wall around the square on Tara Hill.

But first of all, I see the day as a chance for us who love Tara to be together and talk and play a game of "Don't worry avatar", or just relax. I suggest we be there between 13:00 and 18:00 (CET), people may come and go as it works with everyone's RL.Would be nice if everyone had Celtic clothing but it is of course voluntary.Iendi will help to stream Mannen plays as background music during this time.


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