söndag 16 februari 2014

Meditation på Reykja!! Måndag 17 februari kl. 20.00

Vi har ju haft Relax på fredagarna, men NU provar vi MEDITATION!!

Alf kommer att låta oss lyssna på Terry Evans och mer om honom kan ni läsa här nedanför :)
Efteråt blir det tillfälle att prata om vad och hur vi upplevt meditationen, eller bara komma med synpunkter. 

Meditation Mountain @ Reykja Relax Center - Time: 11.00 am SLT  or 20.00 cet.

We will listen to Mountain Meditation by Terry Evans.

Terry is currently actively engaged in presenting and teaching the Mountain Meditation as a tool for the development of emotional intelligence.

Event Time Approx: 60 min.

Language: ENGLISH

Dont miss this event.


The history of Mountain Meditation
The Mountain Meditation (MM) began to emerge when Terry Evans own life was in crises because of illness. He was inspired to write a poem called "Oh humble friend", which became the beginning of the development of the MM. The symbol of the poem was a mountain and the message was about feelings and personal responsibility. Later Terry was to realise, as the meditation developed, that it takes one on an inner journey to meet oneself. Subsequently, ongoing experience proved that MM allows the user to develop a relationship with the unknown world within.
Imagination and intuition are key factors when working with this technique and can subsequently be developed as tools for personal development.
On a personal level this technique has enabled Terry to answer many questions and resolve many issues by allowing the combination of intellect and feelings to work together.
MM was first introduced as a method of meditation in Iceland. Sweden is where it is now based and where it continues to be accepted as a valuable tool for personal development.
The method can be used when working with a group and an individual dynamic.

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