söndag 4 januari 2015

New Skybox nr 5 is now available

Love Shack 5: - The Trendy Loft Skybox - Built 2015-01-04
This is one of the Apartment Skybox:

► HUGE 3D PATIO Scenery Changer - (Scenery 108 Views: Cities, Landscapes)(Upgrades available for Group Members)

► MULTI-ANIMATED BED (Over 400! High Quality Animations!)

► COMFY CUDDLE COUCH (over 50 animations)

► LUXURIOUS BATHROOM (Animated Sink, Animated Bath Tub [singles,couples])

► TV with Youtube: Works ONLY with Viewer 3 based Viewers


► QUALITY FURNITURE (Built-in poses – Multi User) - Single Avatar Multi Sit + additional Couple Menu with over 50 animations each

► WORKING CHIMNEY on/off switch

► SHADOW / LIGHTING EFFECTS (Not overstated, just realistic)

► DESIGNER FIREPLACE MESH (On/off on touch + Crackling sound)

► SCULPTED and MESH DECORATION STUFF (potted plants, custom shelfs and more)

► CLEVER TELEPORT SYSTEM (To enter and leave the skybox)

► Couple Dances

Fully furnished !

Including PRIMS:
40  own rezzprims.
You need to join our rezgroup for rezzing, invitation to the group usually occurs automatically or manually. when renting.

Please contact us for your questions.
Send Notecard.

We hope you enjoy the stay.

Alfdeejay Cooper & rultan Zeplin - Owners

AC  Rental - Private Skyboxes


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